Better Boulder advocates for sustainable and smart development.

Better Boulder is working hard to create and enhance sustainable, walkable neighborhoods and to champion well-designed infill and redevelopment that reduces our impact on the climate, encourages less driving, and keeps our community welcoming and economically thriving.

We envision a Boulder in which vacant and under-utilized spaces in the city are re-purposed with multi-functional buildings that provide plenty of housing, offices, amenities, and much more. In this Better Boulder, more people will find opportunities to live, work, and play in our city.

We value environmental stewardship and climate action, a vibrant economy, a diversity of housing options, a culture of creativity and innovation, and a transportation system that makes it easy to get around without a car.

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Call to Action!

Planning Board has called a special session to hear public comment on our proposed Attention Homes Apartments. It is important [...]

Yes, In My Backyard

BY ALEX BACA AT THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE Last year, Boulder, Colo., considered referendums that would have, in short, made it [...]

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