Voice your support for supportive housing for homeless youth at 1440 Pine Street! Attend the May 18th Planning Board hearing and speak up for Attention Homes Apartments.

Help us break the cycle of poverty and end homelessness in Boulder.

The proposed project provides 100% community benefit. Not only will it provide a stable place to live enriched with on-site services (counseling, job training, therapy, educational support) for 40 young people experiencing homelessness, but it also includes new office space for Attention Homes’ administrative staff and a proposed breakfast/lunch café run by Boulder’s Blackbelly Market. Staffed by the residents of Attention Homes Apartments, this “social enterprise” will provide employment and job readiness skills in a supportive environment.

Supportive housing for homeless youth works!

Comparable developments around the nation have shown that, within two years, approximately 70% of youth living in supportive housing become the competent, confident adults they are meant to be and move on to a life of self-sufficiency. At least 25% of the young people who will live here will have aged out of foster care. Over 35% identify as LGBTQ and cite family rejection as the #1 reason they are homeless. All of them are extremely low income and earn less than $19,000 per year (30% Area Median Income for a one-person household in Boulder).

When a young person is homeless, virtually every decision and every action is focused on how to survive. With your support, we will house these deserving young people so they may begin to thrive.

Action Items:

  1. Email your support to Planning Board and City Council
  2. Attend the May 18th Planning Board hearing and Sign Up to Speak at public comment
  3. Visit the project website to learn more