Better Boulder, a community voice for sustainable, environmentally responsible development and social innovation, today announced their endorsements for Boulder City Council.

Said Co-chair Will Toor, “Our organization is fueled by ideas and input from a wide and diverse representation of our community who are committed to implementing a vision for how our city can progress in a livable, vibrant and connected way. These endorsements reflect that vision.”

The five candidates who have received the endorsements are Aaron Brockett, Suzanne Jones, Tim Plass, Bill Rigler, and Bob Yates.

headsmallAaron Brockett, twice-elected Planning Board chair, has distinguished himself with a strong leadership style, deftly bringing together disparate factions with clear results. We applaud his focus on inclusivity for families and younger people, supporting cultural and business communities, and addressing climate change.

suzanne-01Suzanne Jones, an incumbent running for re-election, showed alignment with Better Boulder on key issues including gentle infill, affordable housing and walkable neighborhoods. We value her transportation experience as the current representative to DRCOG.

tim-plassTim Plass, currently serving on City Council deserves another term. Better Boulder supports Plass’s independent, thoughtful record focusing on maintaining the middle through smart land use decisions, greener energy, local food and community outreach.

bill-01Bill Rigler, Director of University Relations at Naropa is a member of the Transportation Advisory Board. He has prioritized the issues of workforce housing, transportation and economic development in his campaign, and has worked for former Vice President Al Gore as director of communications for his global climate change initiative.

bob-yatesBob Yates, the Chair of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, has also served as Co-Chair of the successful Community, Culture and Safety ballot measure 2A in 2014. His leadership on behalf of the Boulder History Museum, Dairy Center for the Arts, Colorado Chautauqua Association, and other civic and cultural organizations set him apart from the field and we feel diverse voices improve the overall dynamic of Council.

“Our endorsement process was robust and inclusive, informed by our questionnaire and candidate forum. Key issues for Better Boulder included a “No” position on ballot measures 300 and 301, which all of the candidates we support are endorsing, as well as support for sustainable infill and redevelopment, ” said co-chair Ken Hotard. “We are confident these candidates will provide balanced representation in the term ahead.