Better Boulder, in partnership with the organizations comprising The Boulder Coalition, has endorsed Matt Benjamin, Lauren Folkerts, Nicole Speer and Dan Williams for Boulder City Council.Better Boulder reserves the option to endorse a fifth candidate in the future.

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Dan Williams

Matt Benjamin

Matt believes it is time for his generation to provide the thoughtful leadership that will offer more opportunities for people to live, work and play in Boulder. He is ready to work for positive change, including diverse housing options, so that future generations will have a chance to grow up in a welcoming and vibrant community. Matt has extensive knowledge of Boulder policy-making, having served on multiple City working groups.

Lauren Folkerts

Lauren Folkerts

Lauren is an environmentalist and an architect, a current board member of the Colorado Green Building Guild and chair of the City of Boulder’s Design Advisory Board. She has a focus on creating robust housing options, improving health and safety, protecting our open space and making Boulder more equitable and sustainable.

Nicole Speer

Nicole Speer, Ph.D.

Nicole champions housing affordability, increased housing stock for nonprofit or public owners, and addressing social justice issues. She would like to ensure all feel welcome through more inclusive City outreach, bringing more people to decision-making processes. Nicole brings extensive budget experience and has been an effective advocate for causes including the ICS Inclusion Diversity and Equity Committee.

Dan Williams

Dan Williams

A member of the Better Boulder Board of Directors, Dan is a practicing attorney in Boulder.He will focus on expanding housing opportunities for individuals and families so that Boulder is accessible to more than just the wealthiest. He believes we need to make it easy to innovate, invent, and do business here, making it easier to be creative and to run a small business in Boulder. He also promotes access to parks and open space, and expanding and enhancing bicycle paths.

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