Here’s how Better Boulder’s endorsements played out in the recent election:

We endorsed both Lynn Guissimger (RTD Board of Directors – District O) and Matt Jones (Boulder County Commisssioner) and both of them WON.

We opposed Amendment 74-Compensation to Owners for Decreased Property Value and Proposition 109- State Transportation Bonding Measure and both of these measures FAILED.  

We opposed City of Boulder2H – Expand Housing Advisory Commission to Seven Members because of the bundling of a truly progressive measure (changing the city charter term “sex” to the more inclusive “gender identity”) with adding members to the city’s housing and other advisory commissions. We would have wholeheartedly endorse the term chance as a stand-alone charter change,  Better Boulder supports changing the city charter term “sex” to the more inclusive “gender identity,” we were concerned that the additional appointments will be used to further consolidate power to the growth-averse majority on council. City of Boulder 2H PASSED.

Lastly, we supported Proposition 110- State Transportation Sales Tax, but it FAILED. While 58.3% of Boulder County voters supported Proposition 110, less than 40% of all Colorado voters supported it. It is our hope that this regional support for Proposition 110 will translate to support for funding improvements to our local transportation system and mobility options.