Thank you Francoise Poinsatte for bravely sticking up for younger generations of Boulderites in your guest opinion. At 37, I have just barely managed to buy a home in south Boulder and work downtown. My wife and I both commute by bike to work almost every day, including towing along our 1-year-old son who goes to day care. The problem is that Martin Acres and Table Mesa neighborhoods are no longer reasonable places to purchase a home for most young professionals looking to plant roots and start a family.

If Boulder wants young people to live, work, and play in this town, then we need to create housing options for them. Mapleton and Chautauqua will forever be out of reach for all but the wealthiest people (unless you bought in 1960 of course!). Table Mesa and Martin Acres are following! Compact urban design, walkable neighborhoods, mixed-use and transit-oriented development all create opportunities for positive living for the next generation of Boulderites. Blaming the “profit-mongering developers” won’t stop Boulder from becoming Aspen. Our community and our council needs to take responsibility for shaping the future of Boulder — a diverse and vibrant community with, yes, more people in a more urban environment — or keep the status quo, price out the young and the middle class, but keep the community smaller and suburban?

Jason Vogel