Febrary 28, 2014

Boulder City Council
1777 Broadway Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Dear Members of Council,

Better Boulder supports more well-designed density, combined with a focus on sustainable transportation, to help Boulder meet many of our community goals. We provide a voice for sustainable urbanism, weighing in on broad policy issues, the development review process and elections and appointments.

With this perspective, we submit the following names for your consideration for the Planning Board and for the Transportation Advisory Board appointments you will make this year.

After careful research and review of the applications, we strongly recommend Shari Leach, Jonathan Dings, Ellen McCready and Ed Byrne for Planning Board as best aligned with the Better Boulder vision. Their experience and perspective will inform their service, and we support these highly qualified candidates as you make your three appointments this year.

Within the pool of 6 Transportation Advisory Board applicants, we believe that Karen Worminghaus stands out as the most qualified applicant. Her decade volunteering with RTD’s Neighborhood EcoPass program, her familiarity with the region’s transportation management organizations, and her work within the car sharing industry all prepare her well for serving as a member of TAB.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. We would like to thank all of council for your service to the community, and we look forward to continue working with you in 2014.

Sincerely yours,

The Better Boulder Steering Committee

Will Toor, co-chair
Ken Hotard, co-chair
Shannon Cox Baker
Bill Holicky
Michael Leccesse
Mimi Mather
Gavin McMillan
Morgan Rogers McMillan
Sue Prant
Mark Ruzzin
Zane Selvans
Adrian Sopher
Stephen Sparn
John Tayer