Boulder is the largest city in Colorado that does not directly elect its mayor. The current method for selecting our mayor (wherein council members appoint one of themselves) is a holdover from our small-town days. This method gives the citizens of Boulder no voice and no choice in mayoral selection.

Let the citizens of Boulder directly elect their mayor like every other peer city in Colorado. To be sure that a majority of the citizens elect the mayor, we propose using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for the mayoral election and to move the mayoral election to even non-presidential years.


The City of Boulder has passed legislation to allow for the electronic collection of petition signatures, but it is not effective until 2021. Any organization seeking to put a ballot measure on the ballot in 2020 must get physical signatures. As a charter amendment, the Our Mayor-Our Choice campaign must get 4500 signatures before August 5, 2020 to be accepted by Council. Obviously, doing this in the age of Corona-19 is a challenge. We need to get these signatures while ensuring the safety of all parties. If you volunteer to help us gather signatures, we will give you a guide, and we’ll be in touch with you about what is working most effectively. This can be an exciting and interesting way to get involved in your local democracy!



HOW IT WORKS — “Order” your petition delivery service by filling out the form HERE. Within approximately one week of receiving your order, we’ll text, email, or call you to confirm a window of time that you will be available to sign. Once confirmed, a friendly volunteer in a mask will knock on your door at the agreed-upon time.