Dear Mayor and members of council,

We would like to urge you to approve the proposed plans for senior housing and services at 311 Mapleton, as well as the associated development at the old Fruehauf’s site.

Over the next 20 years, the population over 65 years of age in our community is projected to more than double. It is important that we act as a community to both create more options that allow people to age in place, through enabling ADUs, shared housing and similar options, but also to create options for people to have access to a wide range of senior living options.

This proposed development is truly a win for the community. We have many years of experience with the Academy on University Hill, and despite initial controversy during the approval process it has been a wonderful addition to the community, and this record gives us confidence in 311 Mapleton. Adding nearly 100 permanently affordable senior units at Fruehauf’s – bringing the entire package to 50% permanently affordable – makes this truly a win for everyone.

Thanks for your service,
Will Toor, on behalf of the Better Boulder steering committee