A grant from Better Boulder and Boulder Area Realtors Association was awarded to create YIMBYwiki, an open forum and ‘wiki’ (like Wikipedia) for the YIMBY, i.e. Yes In My Back Yard movement. Bay Area housing advocate and designer Tim McCormick leads this project to gather gather ideas, research, and strategies for creating more inclusive, affordable, equitable housing and communities. It is an affiliate project of YIMBY Action, which is a member of the SFYIMBY coalition, San Francisco.

This project grew out of a October 2016 discussion on the YIMBY Town national mailing list, which was created for the 2016 YIMBY Town national conference hosted by Better Boulder. The idea was, how can we gather research, common questions and answers, and good “talking points” for our advocacy work.

Larger, long-term mission: to build the most usable, complete, and open online resource for understanding housing and land-use issues, and for working to create more inclusive and affordable communities.

You are welcome to join in by adding or editing articles, or suggesting topics you would like covered. See site at yimby.wiki or email Tim McCormick at editor@yimby.wiki. Tim sends his thanks and invitation to build and grow this “yes in our website” inclusive project.