The mission of Better Boulder is to create vibrant, livable, and connected communities through land use planning and policy. The following measures support that mission.

Colorado Amendment B – Gallagher Amendment Repeal and Property Tax Assessment Rates Measure
Position: SUPPORT

When you’re in a hole, stop digging. The Gordian knot of TABOR, Gallagher and Amendment 23 wreaks havoc with Colorado’s ability to fund all our basic needs: transportation education, parks, public safety, and affordable workforce housing. Repealing one component, the Gallagher Amendment would be a great first step, and allow for local governments to address their urgent needs at a local level. First responders, schools, and special districts, including Boulder’s Boulder Junction Access District (BJAD) are directly affected by the Gallagher Amendment. Repealing Gallagher is a prudent first step to allow local governments to fund robust transportation options, housing for people of all means rather than encouraging ever larger homes for our wealthiest residents. It is also a first step toward a more progressive tax system.

No Eviction Without Representation (NEWR)
Position: SUPPORT

COVID and the uncertain economic times in which we live have elevated housing inequalities and increased the challenges for many to find and hold on to affordable housing options. This measure would assure free legal representation and rental assistance to individuals and families who are served a summons to eviction court. Universal right to counsel helps renters better understand their rights, ensures a level playing field, and is part of a more equitable Boulder.

Our Mayor, Our Choice
Position: SUPPORT

Better Boulder supports increased participation and inclusion in all elections, particularly local contests. Currently, the mayor is selected by Council rather than elected by a majority of Boulder voters. This measure would, if passed, incorporate ranked-choice (aka instantaneous run-off) voting to directly elect Boulder’s mayor to a 2-year term. We support more voice, more choice.

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