The mission of Better Boulder is to create vibrant, livable, and connected communities through land use planning and policy. The following measures support that mission.

State of Colorado 2022 Ballot Measures

Colorado Proposition 123 – The Dedicate State Income Tax Revenue to Fund Housing Projects Initiative
Better Boulder Position: SUPPORT Vote: YES

A “yes” vote supports creating the State Affordable Housing Fund and dedicating one-tenth of one percent (0.01%) of state income tax revenue to fund housing programs, including:

  • providing grants to local governments and loans to nonprofit organizations to acquire and maintain land for the development of affordable housing;
  • creating an affordable housing equity program to make equity investments in multi-family rental units to ensure that rent is no more than 30% of a household’s income;
  • creating a concessionary debt program to provide debt financing for low- and middle-income multi-family rental developments and existing affordable housing projects;
  • creating an affordable home ownership program providing down-payment assistance for homebuyers meeting certain income requirements;
  • creating a grant program for local governments to increase capacity to process land use, permitting, and zoning applications for housing projects; and
  • creating a program to provide rental assistance, housing vouchers, and other case management for persons experiencing homelessness.

City Council is proposing the following measures appear on the ballot for the November 8th, 2022, Special Municipal Election.

Ballot Issue (TABOR)

Ballot Issue 2A – Climate Tax (TABOR) – The creation of a new Climate Tax and to repeal the existing Climate Action Plan Excise Tax and the Utility Occupation Tax
Better Boulder Position: SUPPORT  Vote: YES

This newly proposed $6.5 million climate tax would redirect existing climate and utility taxes toward climate-related projects such as wildfire resilience efforts, commercial energy efficiency upgrades, funding for eBikes and charging stations for electric cars.

The tax would also help fund action items from the Cool Boulder campaign, which aims to regenerate trees and vegetation, lower temperatures, mitigate flooding and create habitats for essential pollinators.

Ballot Questions

Ballot Question 2F – To repeal Ordinance 8483, regarding the annexation of CU South
Better Boulder Position: OPPOSE  Vote: NO

In September, Boulder City Council voted 6-1 in favor of the CU South annexation agreement, enabling the city to start its 100-year South Boulder Creek flood mitigation efforts — the area sustained significant damage from flooding in 2013.

Ballot Question 2E – A Charter Amendment to change regular municipal elections to even numbered years
Position: SUPPORT   Vote: YES

A ‘yes’ vote could make voting easier to access for people of color, young voters and other groups who may be less likely to turn out to vote on off years. If the measure passes, municipal elections will change to even-numbered years starting in 2026. The change also enables ranked-choice voting for mayor beginning in 2023.

2022 Boulder County Ballot Measure

Proposed Countywide Transportation Sales Tax Extension: The current 0.1% Transportation Sales Tax expires June 30, 2024. On August 4, the the Boulder County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved asking voters to extend the sales tax at the current rate.
Better Boulder Position: SUPPORT Vote: YES