Two measures that are currently petitioning on the 2020 ballot have earned the support of the Better Boulder Board of Directors. Both are on track to collect the needed signatures due by late July. Please visit their websites and follow them on social media for details on how to sign, support and donate.

Bedrooms Are For People
Position: SUPPORT

Championing well-designed infill that reduces our impact on the climate, encourages less driving and keeps our community welcoming is at the core of Better Boulder’s mission. Utilizing existing vacant spaces to increase housing opportunities is an efficient way to support housing locally and overturn oppressive, archaic policies. Allowing at least one person to live in each bedroom of a home is a moderate but mighty change in accordance with the standards of the Fair Housing Act and our progressive community.

Our Mayor, Our Choice
Position: SUPPORT

Better Boulder supports increased participation and inclusion in all elections, particularly local contests. Currently the mayor is selected by Council rather than elected by a majority of Boulder voters. This measure would, if passed, move the mayoral election to an even non-presidential year and incorporate ranked-choice voting updates an outdated model that has long disenfranchised minority groups. We support more voice, more choice.