The draft East Boulder Subcommunity Plan and 55th & Arapahoe Station Area Master Plan are complete and available for your review. Please visit Be Heard Boulder to fill out the questionnaire and add your feedback!

Several resources will help you navigate the plan:

Why does this area need planning?

  • Most of the land in Boulder is built out. As buildings age, they get “redeveloped” and replaced.
  • Subcommunity planning is a once-in-a-generation (20 years) opportunity to holistically plan for change, rather than considering changes incrementally and parcel by parcel.

The City of Boulder doesn’t own most of this land – it is private property – but the city can use zoning to allow or disallow various types of redevelopment in the future.

Creating the plan is a two-year process, with completion scheduled for early 2022. Once final, the plan will guide decisions in East Boulder for decades.

55th & Arapahoe

The area around 55th & Arapahoe has been identified for transit-oriented development (TOD). While this intersection and area is currently served by a handful of local and regional bus routes, in the future, it will be the location of a State Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station – connecting Boulder to I-25 and beyond with high-quality, high-frequency service. A Station Area Master Plan for this area is being developed in conjunction with the Subcommunity Plan.

The red lines in the map below mark the official boundaries of the East Boulder subcommunity.